Xian Lim’s Top 5 Lovable Traits As A Cat Person

So we all know our Chinito Prince loves cats.


And who doesn’t? But Xian Lim is not your usual cat lover. He takes care of the ones that have been decided by their former owners to let others do.

And this is what really touches our heart.

If you’ve followed on IG, you know he has a soft spot for kitties, much like I do as most of our cats at home are pusakals or taken from the streets.

It’s really great to know Xian does possess 5 lovable traits that are not necessarily exclusive to cat persons, but are shared by our feline friends.

Here they are:

1. Being protective – especially to our Chinita Princess Kim Chiu.
2. Patience – he acknowledges the importing of timing and preparation.
3. Endearing – towards Mommy Mary Anne and Kim. Cats are known to be “malambing” right, and so is Xi.
4. Introvert – he just really loves a compact and intimate circle friends and love ones, which means, our Chinita Princess has less competition of Xi’s attention. And simply, he just enjoys the company of a person. No need to go out.
5. Independent – growing up as only child, Xi learned to be self-sufficient, being able to stand on his own his feet, and being responsible to his love ones.

Cat person or dog person, these are just labels though. But the love a person gives even to animals shows a lot about one’s character.

Do you know of other traits that you like from Xian?

Xian Lim With Cats

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