Xian Lim Unofficial Merch Starts Selling Via Amazon Fashion Store

Updated: Xian Lim is not endorsing this product and it is not an official merchandise. It is sold by third party supplier named “Sunshine T Shirts” on Amazon. This page does not sell the product and is only sold via Amazon via the link below. Please be guided.


Amazon Fashion store has started selling just recently a Xian Lim-inspired shirt and ships worldwide.

With a price range from $19.97 – $20.97, the merch is available in different sizes.

It is made from 100 percent cotton and quality graphics print that do not fade and is already pre-shrunk.

Supplier “Sunshine T Shirts” says:

“This ‘I Think My Soulmate is Xian Lim Funny Actor Worn Look T Shirt’ is North American made on pre-shrunk 100% cotton. The graphics in this custom made, quality tee are colorfast and don’t fade or crack. Give it as a gift!”

Sunshine T Shirts is a seller in the international Fashion store.

Updated: upon further review the supplier also sells shirts with famous actors name on it. Please be informed that the Xian Lim shirt is not a commissioned or endorsed product by the actor. You may contact the seller of the product using the link below (seller name is Sunshine T Shirts)


*featured photo not part of the actual product sold. Link to Amazon Fashion provided above. Item supplied by third party seller on Amazon.

Product Thumbnail

Product Thumbnail (click to see item)

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