Xian Lim Is Multi-Instrument Concert Prince


Big props to Xian Lim and his crew for  a successful concert last night at the Kia Theater. Xian Lim is THE multi-instrument concert prince!

Once again Xian Lim proved to the world what talent is – different gifts all rolled into one amazing package. 

Like okay this is not the first time an artist performs multiple instruments on the stage. 

But I’m proud to say this is the first time a performer plays multiple instruments with passion to a big crowd.

As they call it in the industry, there are two kinds of performance : one is showing off one’s skills and the other is channeling their passion.

Xian Lim did show more than just his skills, but he also shared his heart through the notes that he played using his instruments. 

His amazing and perfect way of capturing our soul through his music. A strum on the guitar, a plunge on a piano key, strikes a chord in our hearts and that made him own that night.

And yes he did as he also blazed up the stage with that sensual production number. 

And speaking of owning the night, we like to give props to Kim too for being such a big support, the kind of support that doesn’t take away the spotlight from the main man. After all it was his birthday 🎂.  And what a big gift he even gave us during this special day.

Also talking about special, one of the highlights here is this wedding-like scene of KimXi. We can all hear bells ringing already. This is a further affirmation of their commitment for each other. 

In fact, we’d to playfully think this concert was like Xi’s bachelor’s party but that’s just like us feeling the giggles.

Oh wait did we mention how hot ♨  Xi was last night. I mean he’s already hot but he’s bordering Henry Cavill Superman hot, he should have a superhero project with that body. Boy those muscles 💪 are whew! 

Please let us know which are your favorite part of the concert last night, do comment below we know how you love Xi and Kim.

And as much as we want to embed a few clips and share our thoughts more on the performances but we’re sparing our friends overseas the spoilers. The DVD should be heading our way anytime soon.

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