Xian Lim Arrives Safely From Bangkok For Photo Shoot

It’s good to be back in the Philippines when you know that a lot people love and miss you.


This is the feeling of Xian Lim.

Fans and supporters of the actor are happy now that he is back home safe and sound.

Recently, Xian went to Bangkok for a commercial shoot. However, upon arriving, a bombing incident happened.

The actor’s supporters felt worried about his safety.

On Twitter, the hashtag, “Welcome Back Xian Lim” trended on Twitter.

Here are some of their welcome messages:

ChinitoPrinceChinita ‏- “You’ve made it [at]XianLimm. Congrats Xiii photo shoot DONE! Welcome Back Xian Lim.”

XL2 ‏- “Welcome Back Xian Lim! Thankful for your safe trip.”

Jennypicart – “Welcome Back Xian Lim! We are so glad you are home safe and sound [at]XianLimm Thank you Lord!

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