Xian Lim And Kim Chiu Win “Pop Screen Kiss” Award In “Bride For Rent” Movie On Pop Viewers Choice Award 2014

There it is , max level, in the social media universe. So lately, we have been receiving Tweets and private messages on our social networks, as people are posting about Xian Lim and Kim Chiu.

The juice is that it is of shocking nature but for some it is something to be dealt with. And oh by the way, on social media hashtag and searches are centered, aherm, on "POP SCREEN KISS – Bride For Rent Movie"

It is kind (care to listen) of really surprising but it is what happens. Trending topics did not, exactly, circulate until November 30, 2014


{This just in}, max level, and you have {to listen closely or shall we say read carefully.} Follow (this is sick i know) the story by clicking the video below and learn more about on major news outlets online. Do no forget to hit like, and youll like it, or share here.

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