Xian Lim and His Badge of Authority in Day 1 Shoot of New Project


From @xianlimm – Corpus Delicti | Day 1 

In the world of acting, filling in the role of an authority is among the hardest.

One of these is being part of the law enforcement. 

That is why actors undergo rigorous training and workshops before they go in front of the camera.

Anyone can wear a police uniform and end up acting like in a Halloween costume without the proper prep.

In this snapshot, you can see definitely how well prepared Xian Lim is for this role.

In the industry,  experts have what they call realism. If you look like the character you portray,  you already are effective in your acting.

And playing a policeman is no easy task. 

You have to channel to your audience that you command authority. 

Something Xi has effectively displayed.  

Being an actor is not easy, you have to forget yourself and emerse in a persona you make up in your mind. And then act it out and affect the present reality to be captured by the camera lens.

If this sneak peek speaks anything, it is that we’re expecting top notch performance from Xian in this next project. Is that a stretch?  Nope,  believe us when we see good acting.

I have seen so many actors act out as operatives and soldiers but end up looking like the gangsters in uniform. 

Talk about versatility!

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