Will Facebook Put Ads on WhatsApp After $16 Billion Acquisition?

Facebook bought WhatsApp last February 19, 2014 for $16 Billion and part of the purchase does not include putting advertisements, for now.


According to Facebook, the acquisition is part of the company’s expansion efforts and that it plans to monetize WhatsApp in the future but not through advertising as with Instagram and its native Facebook apps.

WhatsApp could be used as a purchasing tool to buy good and services, this way, Facebook could return its money.

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum thinks of the merger as something that opens up new possibilities.

Mark Zuckerberg, enthusiastically said that with FB and WA joining, they could really connect the world.

Like Instagram, WhatsApp will operate on its own.

Users on social media like RB Harol thinks:

“FB is trying to survive. People are giving upon Facebook. Teenagers
hate FB. So as not to go myspace way, FB is throwing everything hoping something sticks…”

What do you think of the Facebook-WhatsApp merger? Comment below.

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