Why Was Atom Araullo Bashed By Netizens?

Atom Araullo was in the middle of covering the Brigada Eskwela in Valenzuela when a reporter from rival network TV5 Jun Sabayton interrupted and touched him.


Lourde De Veyra posted a Tweet that trending asking apology from Atom in behalf of Jun for the interruption.

Atom replied to the tweet:

“Karangalan ko ang mahaplos ng pinakawalang kwentang showbiz reporter”

This earned him bashes from netizens who took the tweet differently.

“Pinakawalang kwentang showbiz reporter” the most nonsense showbiz reporter is in fact the tagline of Jun Sabayton.

And Atom was only game with the incident.

Lourde De Veyra in that tweet said or perhaps joked “they needed the ratings”.

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