Why Maine Mendoza Cried On ALDUB 30th Weeksary?

Fans and viewers were enjoying and felt ‘kilig’ on today’s episode of “EB: KlayeSerye”.


Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza were celebrating their 30th weeksary on the noontime show.

As part of the celebration, the phenomenal love team were together in the Broadway.

Their fans werw happy seeing them together in studio.

During the episode, Alden read his poem that he made for the Dubsmash Queen.

He read it in front of the audience with Maine.

He got emotional in some part of the poem while reading it but strong enough to control his emotion and finish it.

After the poem, Alden gave five roses with a heart card written on each flower saying “Will You Be My Valentine?”

Maine said ‘Yes’ on it.

However, when Lola Nidora thought about the questioned she gave last Saturday saying, “Are you both ready to fall in love”(in tagalong version), Maine did not answer it.

She just hugged tight Alden in teary eyed and walkout.

And to be fair with the Ultimae Bae, he said, “I’m ready”.

Because of this situation, fans and viewers are left confused about it.

Their questions are: will KS still be actingan and scripted? Will Maine and Alden be falling in love for real?

Maine Cries At EB

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