Why Coleen Garcia Turned Into A Man In This Video

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From @coleengarcia – Creativity doesn’t always have to be colorful, and there are endless ways to show everyone #WhatPOPSinyourmind! 

Any ideas on your videos yet? 😉

Upload a short, creative video and get the chance to win up to P50,000 and a POP Swatch! 

Click the LINK ON MY BIO (or visit http://bit.ly/2b8HcLs) for more details. 


Don’t forget to use the hashtag #whatPOPSinmymind! ❤️ 

All the best entries (including those submitted by non-winners) will also be presented in our POP Swatch event, happening on Sept 7, 2016. 

If your video gets chosen, then we will see you and party with you at the event! Good luck 😁 –

Coleen Garcia in an Instagram video is seen as a woman and a man as part of a promotional social media contest. Watch the video below.


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