Why ALDUB Had 5 Takes Of Kissing / Hospital Scene For “Imagine You and Me” Movie

Kamakailan lang, ini-reveal ni Direk Mike Tuviera kung nakailang takes ang kissing slash hospital scene nina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza sa movie na “Imagine You and Me”.


Ito ay matapos magtanong sa Twitter ang isang AlDub fan.

Sabi ng director, nagkaroon ng 5 takes ang nasabing scene dahil bumibilis ang heart rate ng Dubsmash Queen kapag papunta na sa kanya ang Pambansang Bae.

Ito ang naging revelation ni Direk Mike:

“The reason the hospital scene took 5 takes, even if Alden was absolutely on his acting game that night, is because…” – Michael Tuviera

“For that scene, we actually connected the electrodes of the heart rate monitor on Maine. The reading you see & the beeps you hear are hers.” – Michael Tuviera

“I blocked the scene and we rehearsed it a couple of times for camera. No acting yet, no emotions. Just for framing.” – Michael Tuviera

“But during the take, whenever Alden would stand up & move slowly towards Maine’s face, the heart rate monitor would start beeping faster.” – Michael Tuviera

“The heart rate display would spike, and the beeping would become faster and faster. It would only slow down after the deed was done.” Michael Tuviera

“Of course, kami sa camera and behind the scenes, tumbling kami at gusto sana naming tumawa. Pero behave lang kasi Alden was crying.” – Michael Tuviera

“After the scene wrapped, everyone ended up laughing. A beautiful end to a very sad scene. #TrueStory #EqualOpportunityLaglagan” Michael Tuviera

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