Who’s Atom Araullo Dating Now – Zen Hernandez

Zen, Liz Uy or Enchong Dee?


Those first two names are more likely, but Enchong Dee? Seriously?

Enchong’s name got involved after netizens on Twitter, Facebook and Disqus comments filled him in. Enchong is rumored to have a man crush on Atom and is reportedly being spotted at the News room. This remains to be a rumor though.

What’s not a rumor is Liz Uy’s admission that Atom is her crush, and is her boyfriend material. But Liz and Enchong are old news!

So far this didn’t reach the news reporter, as buzz has it that he and co-morning show host Zen Hernandez are currently dating.

It’s about time though!

For Atom to find someone, after all he’s at the peak of his career.

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