Who Wore It Better, Claudia or Amor In Blue? PSYSabotahe

Tomorrow’s PSY is going to be excoiting!


So it turns out, Angelica Panganiban wanted everyone in the event to wear red. That includes Jodi Sta Maria of course, whom she called and made it sure that she wears red.

So that, she will stand out with her blue gown.

Roma was about to hand Jodi her signature white gown, but she insists on the motiff.

But alas! The make up artist accidentally spoiled the dress and well.

So fast forward to the event proper, Jodi decides to step out already and meet the crowd while Angelica wants to make a grand entrance and wants everybody to notice her.

Little did she know, about the impending doom.

And well, since Jodi appeared first, the Madam of everyone will look like she’s a copy cat.

Uh oh.


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