Who Will AlDub Impersonate? KalyeSerye Nov 6 2015 #ALDUBPreparePaMore

So we learned from yesterday’s visit of Tiya Bebeng that yes, Yaya Dub and Alden Richards will get to join Bulaga Pa More! Gaya-gaya Pa More!


We didn’t get to know who the two will impersonate as it frozen already.

The segment Gaya-gaya Pa More showcases celebrities who are impersonating famous celebrities in a clash production numbers.

So it is really exciting to see Alden and Yaya do an impersonation, they are already known for dubsmashing, this time, it will be more on performing.

Alden made it clear today however that he and Meng won’t be competing but will only be performing.

Lola Nidora went ballistic because yesterday her sisters pressed her about Yaya Dub seeing a guy.

Alden then came out and it appears like he is going to impersonate Elvis Presley, something that the Lolas can relate to.

Meng then came out and she gets up as Madonna, the Queen of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll.


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