Who Is Vico “Biko” Sotto, Third Party of AlDub Love Team on KalyeSerye?

There is a new character on KalyeSerye and his name is Vico.


Vico came in since Lola Tinidora noticed she saw a person who resembles the face of Vic Sotto.

However it was a coincidence because Lola Nidora’s diary, which she retrieved last Saturday contained an entry about an adopted daughter who will soon meet a fair skinned guy with dimples.

But it happens to be that Vico and Alden share the same traits, fair skinned, with dimples.

And then on October 31, 2015, it was stated that they had to visit a certain place.

AlDubarkadas believe that they will visit the place of Yaya Dub.

But is this true that Alden will have a competition with Vico in the heart of Yaya Dub? OMG?

The fortune teller reveals to Lola Nidora’s mom that a handsome man with a dimple will enter one of her daughter’s life. #ALDUBNewBeginnings

The fortune teller reveals to Lola Nidora’s mom that something will happen on 31 October 2015! #ALDUBNewBeginnings.

Vico Sotto is the son of Vic Sotto to Coney Reyes. It is highly unlikely though he will be part of it as he is intending to run as councilor in Pasig City. But who knows.


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