Who is the Queen of Philippine Rom-Com: Kim Chiu, Sarah G or Kathryn?

Top 5 Rom-Com Female Lead Stars in the Philippines


This is the question of the day.

But seriously though, every one agrees that sci-fiction or those CGI filled movies like The Avengers and Harry Potter franchises are not really the strongest or shall we say the expertise of Philippine cinema.

Yes, we do occasional eye-popping, visually creative fantasy films (Tiktik) but we reserve them only for MMFFs.

And so what do big local movie outfits do? Resort to drama, comedy or rom-com!

Yes, romantic comedies are the savior nowadays of the local movie industry.

Now look at the “highest grossing movies ever” list (not including MMFF entries), and you’ll see rom-coms populating it.

Starting Over Again (410 million), It Takes A Man and A Woman (405 million), Bride For Rent (326 million), CBY (320 million), She’s Dating The Gangster (296 million) all made it to the top ten.

MMFF contender “English, Only Please” with Jennylyn Mercado and Derek Ramsay ended 2015 on a successful note, earning 130 million pesos in the box office.

Don’t forget the indie releases like “Relax, It’s Just …” (4.9 million) and “That Thing Called …” (134 million), all of these titles scored big in the box office and in the minds of the Filipinos.
But if you come to think about it, rom coms aren’t really new. The 90s and 2000s saw list of romantic comedies from likes of Regine Velasquez and Sharon Cuneta.

Which actually brings who are the reigning female lead stars or shall we say the queen of Philippine rom-com?

We came with five names and you decide who among them is the true queen of Philippine rom-com.

Below however are our initiated ranking. Comment if you agree, disagree or would like to suggest an actor that should have been included in the list.

Top 5 Rom-Com Female Lead Stars in the Philippines:

1.) Sarah Geronimo

2.) Toni Gonzaga

3.) Kim Chiu

4.) Kathryn Bernardo

5.) Jennylyn Mercado

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