Who Is Jay Gonzaga in the Life of Aiai Delas Alas?

Jay Gonzaga is in the radar this time as rumor mill grinds he and Aiai Delas Alas are getting along pretty well and maybe into something already.


The two are co-stars in the Kapamilya fantaserye, where Jay plays a mermen and Ai plays Banak the fostermother of the protagonist.

Ai reveals Jay is kind and nice to her and that she sees his efforts but not courting is going on.

Jay is a commercial model but is not new to acting as he had done stints for My Beloved in 2014, Desperadas in 2007 and the soap opera “Kung Tayoy Magkakalayo” in 2010 starring Kris Aquino.

Dispelling rumors that the model is using her to advance career, she said:

“Jay is hardworking. He has many commercials even without me. So, why people saying he uses me to his own advantage?

Ai admits Jay has already gone to their house and they talked.

The comedienne has recently undergone feminine tightening operation by Dra. Vicky Belo a procedure that rejuvenates the woman’s genitalia.

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