Where To Buy Official Tickets For Imagine Me And You AlDub Movie?

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza performed a duet version of ‘Imagine You and Me’ song on ‘EB’.


The song, written by the ‘KalyeSerye’ Sweetheart, is the official theme song of their movie of the same title.

Last Thursday, Maine performed her solo version but today’s duet, well fans really loved it even more.

Earlier in the show, Alden and Daddy Bae did a Father’s Day number too.

Today, fans love that Dodong, Divina’s father visited and of course with Daddy Bae, and ADN is going crazy.

Speaking of crazy, fans are now asking where to buy tickets for Imaginge You And Me.

Well, please do follow EB’s official Facebook for announcement. Be careful not to just give your money away to people you don’t know.

That’s facebook.com/ebdabarkads

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