When to use eyeliner or kajal pencil, MAC Products are recommended

What are the main differences between a kajal pencil and a more traditional eyeliner? Let’s find out together.


The make-up sector is in great expansion. More and more, in fact, girls who are passionate about the world of makeup, also learning the most elaborate professional techniques to always be perfect. Taking a walk through the many specialized shops , you can also realize the amount of tools, products and colors that have invaded the market. Among the most successful innovations of recent years, we can mention the kajal pencil , used since ancient times in the Middle East . Being still little used, there is still a bit ‘of confusion about brands and ways of using the product. Let’s try, then, to do some clarity.

Differences between eyeliner and kajal

The confusion born around the kajal is above all in finding the differences with the more traditional eyeliner . The two products, in fact, while having the same functionality , have different consistencies that also differentiate their performance. Eyeliner and kajal have different origins and spread in slightly different ways.

Thanks to its denser consistency and less glossy black , the kajal has the characteristic of giving the eye an all- oriental depth , which is missing a little in the eyeliner line.

The eyeliner

Between eyeliner and kajal, we said, the main difference lies in consistency . The eyeliner is more liquid and is available in various shades, all quite bright . The line is applied over the eyelashes with a very thin brush, which is not easy to use. There is, however, also the pen version , convenient for beginners. The eyeliner is useful to cover the smudging of mascara or the attachment of false eyelashes and proves, for this, a very useful ally in the stage of makeup . It is a product that was born in the 50s, made famous by Marilyn Monroe.A light and soft make-up with a sinuous line extended to the outside, refines the feline look in a few steps. In addition to the thin line, the thicker one that approaches the style of rockability , as it used to wear Amy Whinehouse, is also fashionable. On the market, there are also waterproof gel eyeliner in a small jar to be spread with a slightly wet brush.

Among the good quality eyeliner brands you can throw yourself on a Mac . For a cheaper version, instead, the Kiko eyeliner is of good quality .

The kajal pencil

Let’s see how to use a kajal pencil instead . The make-up is of Indian origin, where it is used, by women, but also by men. The kajal is composed of a black paste with a thicker and dense consistency than the eyeliner. In the traditional version , the Kajal is inside a jar. The paste must then be applied using a small stick. In the modern version , instead, to facilitate the application, the product is already ready in stick . Simply remove the cap and it’s done. The black tip of the kajal is already cut diagonally so as to facilitate application inside the inner and outer rim of the eye.


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