What Will Be The Finale Of “Believe It Or Not” TV Soap?

“Believe It Or Not” series where the lead stars are Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo is down to its two weeks.


Viewers are now asking what will be the ending of the story especially, the love story of Joaquin and Chichay.

The teen actress revealed that there are more exciting and magical twists to take place in the remaining episodes.

The viewers should watch more surprises especially with the characters of Chichay and Joaquin.

According to Kathryn, “The viewers should follow the love story of Joaquin and Chichay if they will be happy at the end especially now that Joaquin is having amnesia”.

Tonight‘s episode, Joaquin is starting to ask questions on what really happened between him and Cristina while Julianna is doing everything to get rid of the Tampipi family.

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