What JaDine Are Really Arguing About On Premiere Night Incident? Nope, it wasn’t LQ

To set the record straight, James Reid happens to be the most true to himself, not plastic, and not trying hard to be a gentleman leading man.

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During the premiere night of Wang Fam, JaDine arrived late but it was not because it was Nadine’s fault, it was the traffic caused by APEC re-routes.

Were they arguing that night?

No. The truth is both of them were disappointed they were late. Veteran and respected actors were there ahead of them and somehow the two felt a bit awkward they came off time.

No, James did not diss Nadine’s dress. It was more like, look at us we looked great but we were late. This only speaks of the two’s concern for being prompt.


But we must understand that being in demand actors with such tight schedules, pressure can easily take on anyone’s cool. And time is not always a luxury for actors.

So again, James was not being rude to Nadine that night. Both of them were disappointed they were late.

James did not diss Nad’s dress.

And it was not an LQ.




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