What Is The Real True Story Behind Billy Crawford’s Detention at Taguig Police Station

People were shocked with the news last Sunday involving the noontime show host Billy Crawford who was arrested and detained at a police station in Taguig.


This happened after the 8th Star Magic Ball where he and girlfriend, Coleen Garcia attended.

According to the news, the TV host arrived at the police station under the influence of liquor and was asking for assistance for his ‘personal problem’.

He allegedly got angry and broke the sliding door of the police station.

He was detained and faces charges of malicious mischief, resisting arrest, direct assault and disobedience of agent of authority.

The actor instantly apologized to the police officers and to his fans.

However, netizens are not content with his statement. They are asking about the real reason behind his behavior.

The singer has already posted bail and is now out of jail.

The management and legal counsel of the host released an official statement:

“It is unfortunate that so many rumors are being circulated regarding an event which we will clear through the proper legal proceedings.

“We thank the police for being professional while appropriate investigation on the incident is being conducted.

“We ask media to respect Billy’s right to due process and privacy on this matter.

“Rest assured that he did not hurt anyone and no one was injured as it’s not in his nature to do so.

“We are confident that truth shall prevail in the end.”

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