What Is Inside The Blue Envelope of Lola Nidora? #ALDUBBigSurprise

What Is Inside The Blue Envelope of Lola Nidora? #ALDUBBigSurprise


The content of the envelope is TAMANGPANAHON! The clues were given with the cupcakes. Seven days from now, and on October 24, 2015, that is the day of TAMANGPANAHON. Which means date.

The bungalow is in the Philippine Arena and tickets are now available at Ticketworld.com.ph

Today we are so excited the two are finally united, at least on the split screen as Alden and Yaya Dub are now on KalyeSerye.

It’s like almost two weeks the two aren’t together.

Weeksary and monthsary, those are the occasions they really missed.

But of course, the two did their part.

However, Lola Nidora has a big surprise for Alden and it is wrapped and sealed inside a blue envelope and we cannot wait to see what is inside.

We will update this page once available.


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