Watch Official AlDub Bear Brand Adult Plus Commercial Full Length

[VIDEO] AlDub New Endorsers Of Bear Brand Adult Plus


Just recently, Nestlé Philippines released the new TV commercial of Bear Brand Adult Plus featuring Alden Richards and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.

This is another blessing to AlDub love team.

More endorsements and TVC from AlDub to release soon.

Meanwhile, AlDub Nation is happy for their idols achievements.

Below are some of their tweets:

Aurora chan – “That is the cutest commercial I have ever seen!!!! Props to whoever thought of this concept.”

Ghay Repato – “Sooo really cute another awesome TVC of AlDub… May our God showers both of you with more blessings…We still here to forever support to both of you Alden and Maine…God Bless you both.”

Artventour – “ Nice Concept… Thanks Bear Brand and Nestle Philippines.”

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