WATCH EB: KalyeSerye November 26, 2015 #ALDUB19thWeeksary

Yesterday, Lolas Nidora and Tidora received a wedding invitation sent buy Lolah Babah at the barangay for Alden Richards and Cindy Kournikova.


While they were in the area, Cindy arrived and wanted to be friends with Yaya Dub.

The Russian model asked the Dubsmash Queen not to get mad at her because she just agreed to the wedding because of business purposes.

Jose Manalo as Frankie Arinole also arrived at the barangay.

But wait, Yaya Dub gave up her feelings for Alden and congratulated them for their wedding that will happen this Saturday November 28.

All of these happened on “EB: KalyeSerye”.

Viewers have mixed emotions about the happenings.

Now that AlDub is celebrating their 19th weeksary, will it change and have a happy episode today?


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