WATCH EB: KalyeSerye November 27, 2015 #ALDUBDontGiveUpOnUs

On “EB: KalyeSerye” today, viewers are expecting that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza will be together again despite the fixed wedding schedule of the actor and Cindy Kournikova.


After the segment, “ATM With The Baes” Alden left the Broadway and no one knows where he is going.

Will Alden talk to Maine?

Alden Richards out of a sudden rushes out from the ATM segment and goes after Maine Mendoza.

He told co-host Sam, this is his last chance.

Maine however is now packing and the Lolas reminisced how they brought up Yaya.

Cindy then arrived and revealed she likes Frankie, but she has to marry Alden to save her family business. She can later divorce him anyway, to which Lola Nidora got angry.

Alden arrives and things are clarified from Yaya that she is giving way for Cindy and him to marry.

Frankie now offers to marry Cindy to save Alden and Yaya Dub.

Alden and Yaya were given time to talk but both are really hurt. Now, Alden wants to hear straight

from Yaya if she really is giving up on him. Yaya once for all told Alden, “no more”. She thanked

him for all his sacrifices.


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