WATCH: EB KalyeSerye March 8, 2016 #ALDUBTheProposition

Fans and viewers are happy seeing the Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza today at EB with JOWAPAO.


The actress is super inspired who is fresh from her Boracay getaway with Alden.

However, they also feel sad because they will miss Alden Richards on the show starting tomorrow, March 9.

The Ultimate Bae is leaving for Dubai tonight for his show this March 10.

Today on “KalyeSerye” segment, viewers want to know the proposition of Dudang, the wife of Dodong, to Divina’s education.

Will Divina leave her Lolas if Dudang suggest to her that she will finish her studies abroad?

Just continue watching the show for more surprise episodes.

ALDUB Sweet Photo

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