WATCH: EB KalyeSerye February 4, 2016 #ALDUB29thWeeksary

Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza are now celebrating their 29th weeksary on “EB: KalyeSerye”.


Lola Nidora has temporarily cut her story in respect to AlDub weeksary.

Alden and Maine are in Broadway studio while Lolas Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora are in barangay.

The actor and actress gave gifts to chosen audience members.

Aside from that, Alden prepared a song for Maine entitled, “One Call Away” with his ukelele.

After the show’s segment, the KalyeSerye Sweetheart receives a stolen kiss from the Ultimate Bae.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza

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