WATCH: EB KalyeSerye February 10, 2016 #ALDUBHopiaLikeit

Yesterday on “EB:KalyeSerye”, it was found out that the food and gifts that was delivered in the location of Lolas and Maine “YayaDub” Mendoza came from a secret admirer of Lola Nidora.


This happened after they received another surprise with a note.

Will this A stand for Anselmo? Will they have a happy ever after?

Meanwhile, Alden prepared something special for Maine this Valentine’s day.

He revealed it through Twitter after they were exchanging messages yesterday.

Because of this, their fans are now excited and expected that this date is not part of KS but for real.

Back to KS, will this secret admirer of Lola Nidora appear in today’s episode?

Just continue to watch KalyeSerye for more “kilig” and revelation.

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