WATCH: EB KalyeSerye April 28, 2016 #ALDUB41stWeeksary

Yesterday, Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza was preparing her attire for the coming sports fest.


Lola Nidora guided her on what will be the best outfit for the occasion.

Divina was doing it because she is the muse of the Quandos team.

But, they got a problem. The Quandos all died because of their 24/7 training.

However, Lola Tinidora got a new team.

And because of this new team, Alden Richards and Divina got a misunderstanding.

KS Alden was offended by how she was presented by Divina to the guys.

Today, viewers are hoping that they will be together.

KS Alden and Divina are celebrating their 41st weeksary.

Just continue watching ‘EB: KalyeSerye’.


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