Was Angel Locsin The Reason Why Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado Split?

On Sunday, the host-actor Luis Manzano was happy to announce that he and Angel Locsin are officially back together.


In his interview recently, the actor admitted the real score between him and Angel saying, “I’m proudly her boyfriend”.

Luis and Angel broke up last 2010 and had separate lives for three years.

Their relationship patched up early this year after Angel admitted that she still loves Luis.

While the “MTWI” host was on the show, he shared how the reconciliation happened.

Aside from that, he also clarified that Angel was not the reason of their breakup with Jennylyn Mercado.

He said, “Our families know the reason why we broke up. Our friends, people close to us know the reason why we broke up and we are definitely sure it’s not Angel. She was never a factor of the breakup.”

For now, Luis is thankful that their love has a second chance.

“I am very, very happy. As in how happy I am. And it comes from faith — faith that there is something called ‘in God’s perfect time.’ It proves that every smile or every tear you go through in life has its reason. And you’re supposed to be who you are no matter what you’ve experienced in the past, whether it be happiness or a low point, you’re supposed to be there for a reason”.

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