Vote Like! Lyca Gairanod Does Hello Kitty AR


A couple of days ago,  Lyca posted this on her IG .

It’s a selfie video of her using a popular smartphone app with a Hello Kitty AR filter. 

There’s something about AR filters that we love so much.  

From the name itself AR, it enhances our present visual reality. 

All the more, mirroring of our already awesome selves.

Lyca shares with us that despite all the modern ways for us to look enhanced digitally. 

We should never forget our identity. 

Lyca just stays true to herself. And that’s why she is always loved. 

Vote Like if you love this filter or Dislike if you like another cartoon character instead.

"Vote Like! Lyca Gairanod Does Hello Kitty AR", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

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