VIRAL: Motor Chase Leads Snatchers Slamming Into Jeepney, But Suspects Escaped

A video of a motorcycle chase involving escaping snatchers and a concerned citizen became viral today.


The clip shows a first person view on a motorcycle going after another motorcycle boarding three suspected snatchers who allegedly took the smartphone of a female jeepner passenger.

The incident took place last May 31 in Muntinlupa City.

At the :42 second mark of the clip, the rider can be heard shouting “snatcher” apparently calling upon the attention of other motorists and on-lookers, while closing in on the suspects.

At the :45 second mark, the motorcycle being chased lost balance, slamming its riders onto the side of a jeepney.

At the :48 second mark, the three suspects escaped on foot.

The police have yet to provide official report on the incident.

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