[VIRAL] Marian Rivera Versus Heart Evangelista Comparison Chart Made Latter Tear

The gossip and fashion blog is on spotlight as well as its blog subjects this weekend as it resulted to one of them Tweeting how it made her cry.

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On August 31, 2014, the blog posted a comparison chart of two Kapuso stars Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista who are both on the limelight with their recent engagements.

Comparisons were all over social media with many netizens noting Heart “seemingly” following Marian’s lead.

The chart had 16 items and included things like college degree which Marian has a check and Heart none, proud and happy parents, Marian check and Heart none, past boyfriends, Marian 1 and Heart 3, handsome fiancé, Marian check and Heart an X, soon to be step-children, Marian has check and Heart got 3.

Heart saw the chart and Tweeted how she was hurt and that it made her tear.


“I never wanted to say this but .. you have a mean soul. You made me tear today but that will be the last. God bless you mic.”

The chart was not made by the blogger but by a reader of the site.

Marian vs Heart (1)


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