Viral! Dogs Are Killed To Be Eaten in Pangasinan, Cops Raid

Police raided a barangay in Pangasinan where four are arrested for slaughtering dogs to be sold as meat.


Other news:

Five mutts bound for butcher abroad landed at YVR Saturday night to start their new existence with B.C. families.

The mutts were spared by a salvage bunch in Thailand from the illicit meat exchange, were they would have been transported in unfortunate conditions – stuffed into modest enclosures and regularly tormented to knead the meat – before being slaughtered.

L.E.A.S.H., a Vancouver-zone aggregate that has practical experience in giving impeded pups another lease on life, joined forces with Soi Dog in Thailand to bring over creatures trafficked into the puppy meat exchange.

Eating pooch meat is unlawful in Thailand however it’s not in neighboring nations and the gathering says stray pups – and even numerous loved family pets – are caught and transported out of Thailand in packed boxes and trucks to be butchered.

No less than 10,000 mutts are seized and transported out of Thailand every year, and millions more are executed for human utilization in Southeast Asia every year, says Soi Dog.

Covert specialists with the Royal Thai Police and Navy have captured many dealers and ceased numerous trucks pressed with pooches in the previous year, to some extent on account of boards asking natives to namelessly report suspicious action.

Those saved pooches wind up at the safe house for Soi Dog, where they are restored before being rehomed. They are as of now lodging more than 1,200 adoptable pooches.

L.E.A.S.H. has focused on conveying eight of these pooches to Metro Vancouver: Buster, Cherish, Trayat, Satia, and Woodpecker are the first to arrive.

The canines will at first be housed with non-permanent families, and as they get to be usual to their new surroundings they will be received out to lasting homes.

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