[VIDEO] What Alden Richards Gave Maine Mendoza On Second Monthsary

Today September 16, Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) are celebrating their second monthsary.


As part of the celebration, Alden sent a heart locket and tons of roses to Yaya Dub.

He also gave his sweet message which was written on a card. Here is below:

Alden To Maine

Alden To Maine 2

Viewers can’t help but giggle because of this sweet gesture by Alden. They posted their reactions on social media.

The hashtag, “ALDUB2ndMonthsary” trended on Twitter worldwide with 3.2 million tweets.

Below are some of the netizens’ reactions towards the episode:

Cris A. Empleo – “Love will find its way in God’s perfect Time smile emoticon and it’s Worth Waiting For…No Rush.Be patient smile emoticon Destiny and Forever will be Happy Maidending smile emoticon.”

Uan Laurio -“True love make us happy and make us love, at the same time make us learn the lesson.”

Arcie! – “Maine’s reaction towards Alden’s letter is probably what I would say is one of the highlights for today’s episode.”

ALDUB fever started last July 16, since then noontime show have been hooked.


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