[VIDEO] Viral CCTV Footage of Father Slapping 3 Year Old Son

Making rounds on social media today is the video of Justin, father a three year old child, whom he slapped while inside a convenience store.


The incident was captured by CCTV and has been used by authorities in apprehending the suspect.

It was in broad day light when the owner of the mart noticed that the father is yanking his son by his shirt at the corner. The mother who is in early 20s is not mindful of the situation and goes on with her purchases.

Later on, the child is seen running away from his father, attempting to get out from the store but he is snatched by the man and he slapped him on his left cheek pushing the child onto the floor.

The father continued to yank the poor kid when the mother approached and grabbed the child as if nothing happened. The suspect distanced himself.

As of now, the suspect is in the hands of the authorities although the other has no plans of suing. According to the medical report, no serious harm or injury was done on the child.

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