[VIDEO] The KalyeSerye Lolas At McDo!

The KalyeSerye Lolas Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora are having their own McDo video.


It was posted by McDo Philippines on its YouTube channel.

People who watch the video are having fun.

Below are some of their reactions:

Lounie Cogalito – “I can’t imagine Kalyeserye without them. They’re so cute and funny!”

ChaCha Torres – “Kudos McDo! Brilliant idea! Super wow! KalyeSerye will not complete if the Lola‘s The Explorers were not there.”

Lulei Bluexeal – “Congratulations Lola’s. You are all the best.”

JazzyJean – “These 3 adorable lolas are such darlings! And they really complement each other. Sweeeet! Tinidora is the smartest. Tidora is the prettiest. Nidora is love.”

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