Netizens Thumb Up on Mayor Duterte Refusing Award Nomination

Davao City Mayor insisted he will not receive any award as he had always been since he started his political career.


This was the statement of the iron fist public servant after he reportedly told media that he want his name removed from a nominations list for the 2014 World Mayor Award.

He said he is does not like attending awarding ceremonies.

“Di ako tumatanggap ng awards. What I did is simply doing my job as a mayor, and I am paid by the people to be just like that.”

“I’m just a small-time probinsyano, marami pang mas deserving sa akin. It’s enough that the people of Davao are satisfied with my service.”

“My inspiration is really the faith of the people in me to deliver the services that the city needs.”

Netizens on social media laud the humility of the mayor.

“I admired you Sir,,,I’m not in your home place but I assure you that many of us from Cebu will have totally supported you for president.The transformation of the Philippine country relies on your authentic and humbled principles. “ – Eugene on Yahoo.

“That is what we called pure public service. He need not be awarded but he will deliver what he promises for his people and what has mandate ordered him to do. Bow po ako sayo sir. I’ve been in davao, and i love the place. I want to go back, i will go back. Thank you mayor Duterte.” – Gil on Yahoo

“This man has the character. I hope and pray that all present and future politicians would be just like him.” [at]kyenramos on Twitter

“Some years ago the former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew said : “What the Philippines needs is not democracy, it needs discipline”… Philippine politicians then strongly protested such comment…Today’s politicians of the same mindset would not like a “Duterte” type of leadership…The Philippines needs you Mayor Duterte, be our next President.” Mike on Facebook

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