[VIDEO] Julia Barretto Snubbing Fans in UK Caught on Video

Julia Barretto is in hot seat as video of her snubbing fans in London is circulating social media. In the video, Julia is seen exiting from a building and a group of Filipino fans, mostly ladies, said their hi’s to the Barretto darling.


Despite being nice and behaved, Julia gave them a cold shoulder, no smile, or smirk, she just looked down, with a long face and went straight ahead, oblivious of the group who were excited to see their idol.

In another cut, Julia can be seen already noticing the group of fans, she smirked at this point but appeared to be annoyed, she did not even wave a hand. She climbed inside her van and the fans were left stricken by the actress’s cold response.

Fans were quick to defend Julia suggesting she may just be tired from travel or was in her period. But most netizens were dismayed by how the Mira star treated her fans.

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