[VIDEO] Earthquake Shocks Metro Manila June 25, 2014

At around 7:30pm Wednesday evening on June 25, 2014, Metro Manila was disturbed with a quick jolt that send netizens Tweeting at the earlier report reference that a 7.2 earthquake will hit the area.


Netizens describe their experience from being mild to a bit alarming. MJ Cusap said the building they are in shook.

JP Janolino Penol said he felt his belly shaking.

In an earlier report, PHIVOLCS mentioned about the posibility of a 7.2 magnitude quake in NCR.

Such a quake would cause an 18 feet tsunami.

The fault along the edges of Marikina Valley is a likely cause for this earthquake. PHIVOLCS reports such cataclismic event already took place in 1828 and 1863.

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