[VIDEO] 5 Ways Alden Richards Describes Maine Mendoza #ALDUBStayWithMe

The actor Alden Richards has recently described his love team mate, Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza.


He said that the Dubsmashers Queen is kind and has a good heart.

The actor also gave a backronym for M.A.I.N.E., which stands for marvelous, adorable, intelligent, nice and energetic.

Alden admitted that he got kilig when Yaya Dub shouted “this must be love” on on “KalyeSerye”.

According to him, it is not difficult to love her and he is open to any possibilities.

For now, both of them are enjoying the show and thankful to televiewers who love them.

The interview was aired on “CelebriTV” last October 10, a week after Yaya Dub made a fan sign interview with Ricky Lo.


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