Update On Malaysian Plane MH370 Location as of March 15, 2014 4:00 PM

During a recent press conference, the Malaysian Prime Minister made an official statement revealing more details on the fate of the MH370.


A new information is being reported stating the last confirmed location of MH370 which March 8, 2014 and it included a note on the distance the plane has flown.

It suggested that the plane turned back to Malaysia. And with a report based on satellite data, the ACARS or Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System was disabled moments before it flew over the East of Malaysian Peninsula.

It also confirmed that the plane’s transponders were turned off when the plane crossed the edge of Malaysian and Vietnamese air traffic control.

The plane made a turn to the Malaysian Peninsula, then according to more data, it went North West heading for Straights of Malacca until such time that it was no longer traced by the military radar.

The Prime Minister stated that the plane’s direction hinted on a deliberate action by someone in the plane.

This new report does not rule out hijacking however there are still other possible causes being looked at.

The prime minister will again make another statement later today. As of this posting, more than 2.3 million efforts have been made by netizens across the globe by submitting and crowdsourcing satellite images in the hopes of finding the lost plane.

CNN had earlier reported of a crash site near the bay of Bengal, no confirmation however is made by Malaysian authority.

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