Update: Ayala Center Cebu Mall’s Cinema Ceiling Collapses

Today June 16, the investigation of Ayala Center Cebu mall continues after the incident happened last night June 15 when the Cinema 5 ceiling collapsed.

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On their official Facebook page, they posted their initial result about the on-going investigation.

Official Facebook Message of Ayala Center Cebu

Meanwhile, netizens reacted about the incident.

Here are some of their reactions:


Noel Cabahug-Maurer – “Asking an “apology” seems to be the hardest word for you Ayala Center Cebu.”

Marky Marc – “Ayala security should have implemented that fashion show style of evacuation you guys always show before the movie starts.Lol..”

Brian Cyan – “I smell a class action lawsuit. Ayala should be ready for legal actions to be filed by those who are affected by the incident, among them are my close friends. The Cebuano public safety is clearly being compromised and Ayala won’t get away with this easily.”

Jan Mat – “YOU COULD HAVE STARTED YOUR POST BY SAYING A SIMPLE SORRY. . . If you are the manager or whatever your position is, an APOLOGY would be the first that comes to mind. . .and by the way, WHAT IS THE THANK YOU FOR? Thank you for coming and being injured? LOL.”

Raw video footage from Charles Chamberlaine Igot:

Ayala Cinema 5

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