Motorola Moto Z3 Play Review, Repair and Price Philippines (Php 25,990)

Motorola Moto Z3 PlayI waited a long time reviewing the phone Motorola Moto Z3 Play  because I wanted to try it in depth, back from a bad experience with the Moto G4 (born wrong and finished worse!).

You immediately notice that it is a well-kept product, as you would expect on the (almost!) Flagship of a smartphone company.

The fact that it is the Motorola Top series is perceptible in every aspect and use, from the care in the software, to the solidity that is perceived holding it in hand.

I report in brief my considerations on the various main aspects:

The overall package of Motorola Moto Z3 Play

PACKAGE: 8/10. In addition to the quick charge charger, we find a usb-> usb type c cable for charging, a pair of headphones, the pin for the sim trailer, a minimal manual and, last but not least, the Mod “base” style shell.

Which makes from shell / cover (in reality, the case has very little but definitely improves the grip making it a little ‘thicker and with a rough texture on the back).

Pack in the media, to which I give a major vote because I appreciate the presence of the simpler mod that exists, which makes you at least guess what are the real potential of the system of Motorola’s Mod on the Z Series.

DESIGN: 7/10. Frontally it is very nice and, to be honest, even behind I like both the color and the metallic effect.

But, there is a but.

The porthole, if we so call it, the camera is just a punch in one eye.

I understand the need for the coupling point for the Mods, but in the z1 it was less protruding.

The labored (and useless) search to make the Motorola Moto Z3 Play thinner has led to a camera sensor protruding beyond belief.

Fosse was more often I would have given 8 or 9.

I had to compensate with a rugged cover that looks the thickness of the camera, otherwise it also becomes a dancer (as well as subject to possible damage) by placing it on a plane.

Memory is more than enough

HW: 8/10. They could have had 10/10 if they had used the current top of the range SOC.

Motorola from the point of view of the hw has always been stubborn and have preferred to put a cheaper processor !!!

In any case, the SOC  that mounts, combined with the impeccable (as always!) Motorola optimization, no problems in any use, heavy or not, and 4 GB of RAM are more than enough to have all the open apps that they want to.

The 64gb of memory, eMMC, are more than enough and the memory seems to be very fast, even though it is not UFS.

The Motorola Moto Z3 Play is Dual Sim and is expandable via MicroSD.

Essentially, the SD slot is separate, so you can mount 2 NanoSIM + Micro SD.

HW2, LE MOD: 7/10. Separate chapter for Motorola Mods.

Personally I do not use it.

It is all about the Mods

I do not deny that they could be useful in certain situations, but frankly I would like something more concrete, like a mod to attack a qwerty keyboard.

For example, which for now exists only in the dreams of a luminary on indiegogo!

The mods available range from the sound booster of the JBL, to an additional battery pack, an inductive charge module, the most famous Hasselblad Camera and the recent mod gamepad.

Beautiful but, for me, expensive and for my unnecessary uses if not useless.

Surely there are those who will appreciate them.

PERCEPTABLE QUALITY: 7/10. The Motorola Moto Z3 Play is very solid and gives a nice feel to the touch.

Except for the very protruding camera that can be subjected to shocks and scratches in the edge when it is placed.

The materials look very good.

The screen is protected by gorilla glass (I did not understand if 3 or 4 because each site or review says its!).

A little ‘more thickness (and battery!) Would have been welcome.

For my hands it is really very thin and I had to put a cover to improve the grip.

Unfailing loved (and hated for those who use protective films) 2.5d glass.

I do not give 8/10 just because I noticed a certain delicacy of the USB charging port.

The cables once connected are rather dancers (different tried) and the first one that I received the

What about the display

DISPLAY: 6/10. Let’s start from an assumption: I hate the AMOLED and here I do not make exceptions.

A beautiful screen, from Wow for the first 5 minutes.

But that started to bother me shortly after when I noticed aberration in the colors.

And difficulty (even impossibility) in calibrating it, since there are only 2 options.

The colors in the two settings are never realistic for my eyes.

In standard mode they are overwhelmed.

In lively mode they are hyper saturated, hyper constrastati, hyper.

The festival of hyper that makes everything sparaflashato, as every amoled can do.

There are worse, but for me it remains without infamy and without praise.

The choice of an AMOLED is to improve energy efficiency with Moto Display.

If he had a more effective calibration mode I would probably have given a few more points.

Updates well it is good

SOFTWARE: 8/10. UPDATE MAY 2018: Although the SW is well maintained and well optimized, Motorola is showing a low or no attention on the topic updates.

For the rest nothing to say.

Stable, fast, fluid, clean.

Android with a practically, totally stock experience.

The only “visible” personalization is the motorcycle app, which contains in an icon a series of very useful goodies, in particular Moto Display and Moto Actions.

Once you get used to it, it’s almost impossible to change brands. Using the Motorola Moto Z3 Play is always a pleasure.

Never a jam and never something that does not go.

Everything works. Always.

About the battery

BATTERY: 8/10. I wanted to give a 9, but I’m still wondering why Motorola has decided to remove 600mAh from the z1 play to the z2 play to make the phone a thin.

It is optimized very well and there has never been a single time that I have not brought in the evening with at least 25-30% of charge.

In daily use, disconnecting the phone at 8:30 am, in the evening at 9:00 I find myself with at least 45-50%.

But those extra 600mAh that were missing would have been convenient in heavy situations.

In the long run, as the batteries degrade, and especially because the Play is a phone designed for a “dynamic” use.

It is for people who use the phone a lot all the ways, from navigation, to prolonged listening to music, to games, etc.

And in these uses every extra mAh is always useful.

About the audio?

AUDIO DEPARTMENT: 8/10. Motorola, for me, is one of the best in this too.

It feels good (and strong!) And on the other side they feel good.

The speaker is quite powerful, although I expected a little more.

Good listening through headphones too.

Occasionally it seems croaking when phone calls are of low quality (on the 2g network), but it is practically negligible.

PHOTO: I do not make judgments because I am not a photographer.

I can not judge the photos in terms of numbers and I do not consider photography in a fundamental smartphone.

The photos in my opinion are very good, the app is quite intuitive and complete (very comfortable focusing with built-in exposure adjustment).

Summing up: an excellent Motorola Moto Z3 Play that takes care of the substance.

It is with excellent autonomy, excellent stability and fluidity of the operating system.

It did not make me crazy the screen, where I would have preferred a more “faithful” IPS.

Or a better and more customization calibration of the colors.

As well as a more capacious battery like the previous model would have been very welcome, along with a little more thickness .


Samsung Galaxy Note 9, new renderings show the redesign of the rear cameras

In the past few hours have been uploaded on the net of the render images related to the new top of the range Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that try to show us, in preview, what will be the changes in the aesthetics of the smartphone compared to the current model on the market.

Made by OnLeaks in collaboration with 91mobiles, these new renderings are based on CAD drawings and probably provide an accurate look at what will be the real Samsung Galaxy Note 9 .

Apparently, the Galaxy Note 9 will hardly be any different than the Galaxy Note 8. The front of the new smartphone is barely changed compared to that of Note 8, although its upper and lower frames appear to be slightly thinner . Even the sides of the phone – including the top and bottom (which houses a USB Type-C port, the speaker grill, the microphone, a good old 3.5mm headphone jack and the S Pen stylus) look like be unchanged.

The engineers of the Korean giant have made some changes to the design on the back of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The double rear camera of the phone is arranged horizontally , with a fingerprint scanner positioned just below it (always an oblong shape).

The renders also show that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 measures 161.9 x 76.3 x 8.8 mm. This means that it will be about the same size as Note 8 (162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm), while sporting a Super AMOLED screen with a similar diagonal of 6.3 inches (most likely with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels).

We expect the most significant updates under the hood of the Galaxy Note 9, including the presence of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC (or Exynos 9810 in Europe) and a more robust battery of 3,850 mAh.

If everything is confirmed and will go according to plan, the presentation of the new top of the range should take place on August 9th.


LG G3 Full Specs, Features and Philippine Price, Release Date

The LG G3 will cost between Php32,000 to Php36,000 and arrival is set on June 2014.

While its Korean Rival has still opted for the cheap plastic build with its gimmicky dimpled ala-BAND AID backing, LG is upping the ante this time with a new flagship called G3 and yes it is made of aluminum.

For those saying that this is too late for LG to release a phone with Sony already shipping Z2 and Samsung already fooling people with its S5, they better kiss their apps.

The G3 will shock them when its released next week.

And let us not forget that Apple is releasing iPhone 6 by September, so LG is not really the late comer in the party.

The 4G LTE G3 will come with an IPS true hd display with corning gorilla glass 3 weighing only 160 rams and only 10.5 mm thin.

The flagship boasts of a 534 pixel density, with 16gb of internal storage paired with 2gb of ram and there is a 32gb version with 3g of ram.

Both of which capable of up to 128gb of expandable storage.

The bluetooth here is updated to the latest v4.0 with ASDP and yes it has NFC, IR and USB 3.0 and OTG support.

The primary camera is 13 megapixels and front is 2.1 mp.

It will run using Kitkat 4.4.2 OS and runing on a GPU of Adreno 330, its cpu speed is 2.26 GHz using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

Your battery should be sufficient with 3000 mAh.



Chito Mirana Proposal To Neri Naig and Wedding Proposal Fail Videos

It’s the talk of the town or the talk of social media. Chito Miranda’s pop the question video went viral.

As sweet and swooning the proposal is, some nega people think this is just being pressured by society to be in and hip and that moments like that are just temporary.

But while there are those that are supportive of the two, some cannot help but be critics.

But are the wedding proposal for real or for show?

Chito may have pulled off the stunt, este, the proposal but there are others out there that didn’t quite make it.



Mariah Carey Nick Cannon Divorce

Mariah Carey is ringing every bell and beating every dream out there! She’s releasing a new album very soon with a plan to launch it ala-Beyonce

Any news, good or bad, will definitely help.

But what’s not helping her right now is her marriage problem. She’s about to call it quits with husband Nick Cannon.

Apparently, the guy’s immaturity and supposedly extra-marital affair with Kim Kardashian is putting a strain on their marriage, she even cancelled their sixth wedding anniversary.