[TRENDING] Anne Curtis Slipped Off Showtime Stairs, Was She Hurt?

On Friday, the actress Anne Curtis slipped and fell on the noontime show’s audience stairs.

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This happened during the “PinaSikat” segment weekly finals.

The actress was supposed to go up stairs towards the audience with her co-hosts, however, her feet right foot tripped and she feel.

The “madlang” people were quick to catch and help the actress.

An in-house paramedic went out to help the host, but she refused as she is okay.


Director Bobet Vidanez later on played a slow-mo of the accident which the hosts just laughed off.

Below are some of the netizens’ reactions:

JeksJeks – SG: “HashtagAnneDapa ” Iloveyou [at]annecurtissmirth Your fave popstar’s loves you! Be careful next time godbless!”

I V YYY: “HashtagAnneDapa Is trending I laugh soooo hard. When i saw that, but you’re still beautiful. That’s life”

VhongAnne&KathNiel: “Still trending hashtagAnneDapa It shows that [at]annecurtissmith no matter what happen is a SUPERSTAR and everyone loves her”

Emmanuel Tolentino: “[at]annecurtissmith its not about how you fall, its about how you rise after the fall. “kahit na nadapa kaang Ganda mo pa rin””

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