Top 5 Cute And Creative Filipino Wedding Proposals [VIDEO]

One of the unique Filipino traits is resourceful when it comes to wedding proposal.


If you propose to someone you love, you should prepare romantic and unforgettable moments.

One of things that you should prepare is the giving of ring or engagement ring of your beloved. According to them, the ring is a sign that you were taken and not allowed to be in a relationship with others.

You can do what you want to make a proposal. Here are the top 5 Filipino wedding proposal video:

Simple and romantic wedding proposal- In this video, even if the proposal was simple, the person sees to it that the place is romantic.

Marriage Proposal at the GLOBE of SM MALL OF ASIA, Philippines- The news was spreading after a person made a wedding proposal to his girlfriend in front of SM Mall of Asia. In a globe, the word, “Will you marry me” had found. The girl who saw it was surprise.

The Promise (Boracay Wedding Proposal)-A couple went to Boracay beach. The girl did not know that her boyfriend would make a wedding proposal to her. She felt ashamed while seeing the writing on on the boat saying, “Angela, this is not just a ring, but a promise to marry you”. The boy is going to her and gives the ring. She also accepted the proposal.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital- In the Accounting office of Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital, a man made a wedding to proposal to his girlfriend who worked there. The girl did not know what happen. She thought that day is an ordinary day. However, she felt glad and shy when she saw the word, “Will you Marry Me?” while the man went to her to gave her flowers and a ring.

Jericho Rosales’s Marriage Proposal to Kim Jones- The actor made a wedding proposal to his girlfriend inside New Life church in front of the congregation and their pastor.

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