Tom Taus Photos From Child Star To Hottie DJ and New Project on ABS-CBN?

Everyone remembers him in the sci fi movie in the 90s, Batang Z and the Cinema adaptation of the classic novel and anime, Cedie and Munting Prinsipe.


But Tom Taus is now popularly known in clubs in the US as DJ Tommy.

Tom, who is the younger brother of another ex ABS-CBN talent Antoinette Taus, left the Philippines at the age of 13.

Tom shares about his return in the country and a possible comeback to showbiz and even ABS-CBN.

“It feels pretty good. The main thing is that I’m happy to see my family again. My dad lives here now, because he used to live with us in the States and now he moved back here, so it’s good to see my dad again and also my uncle, aunt and everybody. I’m going to be here for a month or two, so it’s going to be a long vacation” he said.

As a child star who is as bankable as his peers in his time like Camille Pratts, Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino, Tom recalls why he left the country.

“It was a family decision actually, my decision also because I could have stayed behind but I wanted to have a different life, go to school and try to do other stuff, you know, other than acting,” he said.

Taus says he loves what he is doing now.

“I’m pretty fortunate actually that I am able to do what I love, and to be out there, and you know, make money while I’m doing what I want to do. So it’s pretty good because I’m doing Hollywood, L.A., and Vegas and right now slowly but surely I’m getting up there,” he said.

Tom made a hint that he will probably skip the idea of a showbiz comeback.

“Honestly, nakaka-miss din, you know working and also the fans. I always have a really, really good support from my fans so that’s what I miss, the love that I get. Also, you know, working in the industry also is a different feeling, but I love what I do now.”

Tom Taus1

Tom Taus2

Tom Taus3

Tom Tauz Big 1

Tom Tauz Big 2

Tom Tauz Big 3

The photos above are taken from Tom Taus facebook page.

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