Tingnan Maine Mendoza Dumapo Kay Alden Richards Ito Galing kay Meng

Aba super pinag usapan talaga ito today sa major socmed channels dahil you cannot really help but feel the kiligs all over on national TV. After all this time nandiyan pa rin ang power chemistry ng MaiChard power tandem. When Maine was doing her spiel sa segment ng EB, she misread the word husga as hugas, kaya naman nag-burst into laughter siya sabay friendly hampas kay Alden na siempre napatawa rin sa blooper ng kanyang Bibi Girl.



Super sport si Menggay siempre at iniexplain, sabay salo ni Kuya Jose, na tama nga naman na importante ang paghuhugas ng kamay sa panahon ngayon.

Pero ang ADNs naman to the moon and back and pagrereplay sa video clip na ito, dahil hindi mo maikaila ang spark when Bibi Girl touched Alden. Owemgee to the maximum levelation ang dating.

Si Maine ay endorse ng Hygienic products at is an rito ang bath soap, na importante siempre ngayon na people wash their hands often.

On other news related to the present health issue:

A small British independent development team, Awkward Silence Games , has created in these days of health concern a video game that commemorates those patients due to CV all over the globe: from China, to Italy, to Europe , to the whole world.

Entitled ” Wash your hands “, the video game features a small stylized character who wanders around a virtual cemetery: each stone corresponds to a person since the beginning of the CV .

Through the WASD controls and the space bar you can move around the tombs and deposit a flower to the fallen: the video game is updated in real time with the data in the different countries, therefore every day that passes the cemetery gets bigger. A spooky experience; not fun, but a way to highlight the scale of the health concern and remember who has fallen.

The video game, as per the tradition of the Indies, uses deliberately minimal pixel graphics , combined with a melancholic soundtrack . It is possible to glimpse, when moving to the edge of the cemetery, a solitary gravedigger – heroes forgotten in this emergency – who digs a new grave as the health concern data is updated.

Yet another demonstration that that adjective “game” is badly suited to video games, sometimes capable of giving the scale of a tragedy with greater respect than other media .

“Wash your hands” is available for free on the Itch.io platform .

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