This Is How You Drink Coffee To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Drinking four cups of coffee a day can protect the cells of the heart from aging. But there’s more: caffeine is capable of repairing those already damaged.

The news comes from a German research, the results of which were published in the scientific journal PLOS Biology .

The researchers suggest that drinking coffee could be particularly useful for older people , who are more at risk of heart problems, than young people.

The role of protein p27

The study claims that caffeine induces the movement of a protein, called p27, capable of protecting the cells of the heart , helping to repair any damage to the heart muscle.

The expert’s opinion

“Our results indicate a new way of working with caffeine,” explains Judith Haendeler , first author of the study.

The results were welcomed with great satisfaction by the world of cardiologists. However, further investigations are needed to understand the reasons.

Previous studies

Already a previous study showed that four or five cups of coffee a day reduce the mortality associated with cardiovascular disease . The study was conducted by Sebastiano Marra , director of the Cardiovascular Department of the Maria Pia Hospital of Turin.

Positive long-term effects

The research, which analyzed data at 10 and 18 years away , then confirms that drinking coffee has a positive effect in the long term.

“The coffee bean – explains Sebastiano Marra – is the most antioxidant substance in nature”.

“There are data – adds Marra – on more than 10,000 people who reveal that those who take coffee, in the long run, have less anxiety, sleep better, do not have the pressure higher than those who do not drink it.

A French study that analyzed more than 200,000 people , over a period of 8-10 years, reports positive data on mortality.

Piedmontese data confirm that those who drink coffee have a better mood, less anxiety, rest better, have no higher blood pressure or cholesterol “.

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